Hickory Run State Park visitor center

Exhibit Media Set among the beautiful Poconos Mountains, this state park recently completed construction of a new visitor center and exhibit.  Working with the exhibit designers, we developed media to interpret the park’s many stories.  An interactive explains the geologic processes that created the vast and unique boulder field.  A haunting video tells the 19th … Read More

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Visitor Center Interpretive Film A spectacular collection of beautifully preserved fossil plants, animals, and insects at the park tells a story of dramatic geologic events, changing climate, and changing paleo ecosystems. Dramatic animated scenes show how volcanic eruptions preserved the fossils, allowing scientists a glimpse of the ancient past preserved in stone.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Visitor Center Interpretive Film & Web Shorts Layers of Life showcases the otherworldly landscapes, wildlife, and stunning beauty of the Painted Hills, Sheep Rock and Clarno fossil beds over four seasons.  The film portrays how the scientific work of paleontologists and ecologists provides an understanding of how the fossil record helps us to understand past … Read More

Missouri National Recreational River

Visitor Center Interpretive Film & Web Shorts Part of the Wild & Scenic River System, the Missouri National Recreational River preserves and protects a 100 mile stretch of the “Big Muddy”.  This land is home to diverse wildlife, farmers, recreationalists, and American Indian tribes. We spent four seasons documenting the people, tribes, and government agencies … Read More

Niobrara National Scenic River

Visitor Center Interpretive Film & Web Shorts The Niobrara River is a home to an wondrous diversity of wildlife; it is a crossroads where four ecosystems meet and mix; it is a revered ancestral homeland to the Ponca Tribe; and  it is a place where ranchers have barns full of inner-tubes for visitors. A theatrical orientation film explores the … Read More

Kinzua Bridge State Park

Excursion Train Car Exhibit Media Once the world’s longest and tallest railroad structure, the Kinzua Bridge was torn apart by an F1 tornado in 2007.  This disaster was turned into an opportunity to create a dramatic skywalk and glass floor 300 ft above the valley floor. At the new visitor center designed by 106 Group—a TripAdvisor reviewer … Read More

Ohiopyle State Park

Whitewater Safety VideoOur crew—all experienced paddlers—went plummeting down the wild waters of the Youghiogheny River to capture footage for an exciting safety video for a new visitor center designed by 106 Group.  Slow-motion footage and first-person views bring to life the thrill and danger of these Class III-IV rapids.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Visitor Center Theatrical Film, Exhibit Media, and InteractivesOur crew—loaded down with gear, lights, and lots of batteries— crawled through cold, dark, muddy passageways—passageways with names like Fat Man’s Misery and Peanut Butter Alley.Hidden Wonder, narrated by Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, takes viewers on a journey with a cave survey team as they map out … Read More

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Little Things: Big Problems Web Series This web series—with over 60,000 cumulative views—highlights the damaging impact of invasive species on the delicate ecosystem of the Great Lakes.  Humans are affected as well: emerald ash borer is jeopardizing the manufacture of baseball bats, and lampreys are killing the trout that sustain the Grand Portage Band of … Read More