Visitor Center Theatrical Interpretive Film & web shorts

We worked with local reenactment groups and the park to assemble a cast that represented the diverse camp followers and soldiers at the encampment.  Together with representatives of the Oneida Nation, we developed scenes to portray their contributions to the American cause.

Production occurred over 3 seasons to capture the changing weather, and we were fortunate enough to be able to film in freezing rain, deep snow, and clinging mud!  Reenactors braved the elements to recreate scenes of camp life, training under Baron von Steuben, and skirmishing between Oneida Indian warriors and the British.

In post-production, visual effects bring the encampment to life.  An original symphonic score, 5.1 sound mix, and the narration talents of Academy Award nominee Laura Linney add drama to the film.  In order the make the film more accessible to its 1.2 million visitors each year, the film can also be seen with narration and subtitles in 7 foreign languages.