Visitor Center Interpretive Film & Web Shorts

The Niobrara River is a home to an wondrous diversity of wildlife; it is a crossroads where four ecosystems meet and mix; it is a revered ancestral homeland to the Ponca Tribe; and  it is a place where ranchers have barns full of inner-tubes for visitors.

A theatrical orientation film explores the human connection to this great American river over four seasons.  Five web shorts cover fascinating topics like paleontology and history.

Our crew spent four seasons capturing scenes along the river valley, including Valentine's yearly Valentine's Day Bull Bash, and came face to face with enormous bison and tiny prairie dogs.  At a dig site, we were fortunate enough to watch as a paleontologist uncovered a 13-million-year-old camel skeleton, which seems to emerge from the sand in a dramatic animated scene.

  • NAI 1st Place Video
  • NAGC 1st Place Documentary
  • Worldfest Special Jury Award