Paso Por Aqui
Visitor Center Interpretive Film

The Zuni Indians’ Puebloan ancestors called it Atsinna, Place of Writings on the Rock.  The Spaniards called it El Morro, The Headland.  American settlers called it Inscription Rock.  Over the centuries, those who stopped at this reliable watering hole left carved evidence of their passage: symbols, names, dates, and fragments of their stories.

Our team worked at high altitude documenting the dramatic landscape, carvings, and conservation work at El Morro.  We consulted with members of the Zuni Pueblo and Navaho Tribes for their perspectives.  Great care was taken to have zero impact on the fragile and unique cryptobiotic soil—in fact, we donated an informational video for visitors on how to prevent damage to the resource.  Acclaimed EMMY and Golden Globe winning actor Edward James Olmos narrates the film.

  • Woldfest Gold, Cultural Documentary