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Where History Lives:
A Tour of the White House

White House Historical Association

“It is made of stone, marble, and wood. A place of symbol
...and ceremony...where the work of democracy goes on...and
where momentous decisions are made. It is a home where
the seasonal rites of family life take place...and a living museum
filled with fine art treasures and open to all. Reflecting the
unfolding drama of our nation’s story, it is The White House”

Where History Lives: A Tour of the White House

ne of many projects we have produced for The White House Historical Association, Where History Lives was created for the White House Visitor’s Center, PBS broadcast, and for DVD distribution. The program features highlights of the historic furnishings and the fine arts collection found in the public rooms, as well as glimpses of behind-the-scenes activity in the flower shop, kitchens, and private rooms on the second floor. Production involved complex logistics, extreme care around rare and priceless fine art and furniture, and meticulous planning to work around White House schedule and security procedures. The program also involved extensive archival photographic and film research.

Argentine Productions scripted and produced opening and closing remarks with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as well as President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. A program about the gardens and grounds of the White House was produced during the Clinton administration.

An interactive tour of the President Lincoln’s White House: an Emancipation Day Visit was created for middle school students, and features a collection of avatars that can be used to tour the White House and interact with members of Lincoln’s family, political staff and guards. Click here to take the tour.

“We are pleased to work with Peter Argentine again and feel he has captured the magic and beauty of this unique American heritage.”

Neil Horstman
White House Historical Association


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