Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

Exhibit Media In 1848, James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter’s Mill, sparking the California Gold Rush.  In order to show the diversity of the people who came to California seeking their fortune, we worked with the exhibit designers to develop 6 stories based on primary sources.  These journeys are projected onto a historic map of … Read More

Missouri National Recreational River

Visitor Center Interpretive Film & Web Shorts Part of the Wild & Scenic River System, the Missouri National Recreational River preserves and protects a 100 mile stretch of the “Big Muddy”.  This land is home to diverse wildlife, farmers, recreationalists, and American Indian tribes. We spent four seasons documenting the people, tribes, and government agencies … Read More

Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center Exhibit Media In 1775, Daniel Boone and 30 axemen blazed a trail through the wilderness and over Cumberland Gap to open up the frontier region of Kentucky to new settlement.  A new interpretive center, introductory film, and exhibit media tell the stories of the people who followed the trail … Read More

Independence National Historical Park

Exhibit Media More than 5 million visitors from around the world visit Independence National Historical Park, and their visit begins at the visitor center.  Argentine Productions was chosen to create five films about some of our nation’s most important landmarks: Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin’s print shop, and more. Straining at the Heart of … Read More

Niobrara National Scenic River

Visitor Center Interpretive Film & Web Shorts The Niobrara River is a home to an wondrous diversity of wildlife; it is a crossroads where four ecosystems meet and mix; it is a revered ancestral homeland to the Ponca Tribe; and  it is a place where ranchers have barns full of inner-tubes for visitors. A theatrical orientation film explores the … Read More

Kinzua Bridge State Park

Excursion Train Car Exhibit Media Once the world’s longest and tallest railroad structure, the Kinzua Bridge was torn apart by an F1 tornado in 2007.  This disaster was turned into an opportunity to create a dramatic skywalk and glass floor 300 ft above the valley floor. At the new visitor center designed by 106 Group—a TripAdvisor reviewer … Read More

Petersburg National Battlefield Park

Visitor Center Interpretive FilmEndurance Without ReliefThe siege of Petersburg, the longest military campaign of the Civil War, took a terrible toll on both soldier and civilian.  Dramatic first-person accounts, newspaper reports, and historic photographs and illustrations create an emotional theatrical film about this brutal siege.

Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site

A Place of OpportunityVisitor Center Interpretive FilmHopewell Furnace is the most thoroughly preserved representation of America’s early iron-making industry and community life.  This theatrical film tells a complex cultural history story that spans 200-years.  We paid particular attention to historical details: fitting costumes, finding props, and hiring a period wagon and carriage pulled by historically accurate Percheron … Read More

Carnegie Science Center

Pittsburgh’s Big PictureOMNIMAX Signature FilmOver the years, we’ve created interactives and other media for the Carnegie Science Center, but this film is the biggest!  Pittsburgh comes alive in this 10-minute action-packed 70mm OMNIMAX film.  Pittsburgh’s Big Picture is a visual poem that captures the city’s stunning visual beauty, rich ethnic and cultural heritage, and spectacular natural resources.Custom … Read More