Manassas National Battlefield Park

Manassas in 3DExhibit VideoAfter exploring Manassas battlefield, visitors enter a historic home and put on 3D glasses. This unique video was created by taking historic stereoscopic photos of the battlefield and processing them into red/cyan anaglyph images.  It’s a great example of an economical but engaging approach to bringing historic media to life.

Knox’s Headquarters State Historic Site

Henry Knox and the RevolutionVisitor Center Interpretive FilmGeneral Henry Knox’s artillery crews were crucial to the final American victory at Yorktown that ended the Revolutionary War.   This visitor center film focuses on life at the training camp at New Windsor where artillery tactics were developed and refined by Knox’s crews. Production occurred at western Pennsylvania’s Fort … Read More

French and Indian War 250, Inc.

George Washington RemembersTraveling Exhibit FilmGeorge Washington’s own words narrate three vignettes from his dramatic early military career on the Pennsylvania frontier—experiences that would have a profound effect on him later in life: a devastating friendly fire incident, a disastrous expedition under General Braddock, and a crushing defeat at Fort Necessity.The film was shot on location … Read More

Crailo State Historic Site

Keeping Order: A Fort Orange County RecordExhibit VideoWhat can a 350-year-old Colonial Dutch court record and 17th century painting tell us about life in the New World?  Using visual effects, the painting literally comes to life while a matching court record tells about the brawl and ensuing lawsuit.Precisely matching props, costumes, and actors were found … Read More

White House Historical Association

Where History LivesTour FilmThe historic furnishings and fine arts collection of the White House tell us stories of our nation and its leaders.  Where History Lives takes viewers on a historic journey from room to room, and features behind-the-scenes views of the flower shop, pastry kitchen, and rarely seen rooms.Our crew worked around priceless objects and … Read More

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Visitor Center Exhibit Media & InteractivesIn 1814, a ragtag force of Choctaw Indians, Tennessee & Kentucky militiamen, Freemen of Color, Baratarian pirates, and American Army units—united under General Andrew Jackson—fought off a superior British force for a stunning victory.A three-screen orientation video with synchronized LED map covers the New Orleans campaign, and a large screen film … Read More

El Morro National Monument

Paso Por Aqui Visitor Center Interpretive Film The Zuni Indians’ Puebloan ancestors called it Atsinna, Place of Writings on the Rock.  The Spaniards called it El Morro, The Headland.  American settlers called it Inscription Rock.  Over the centuries, those who stopped at this reliable watering hole left carved evidence of their passage: symbols, names, dates, … Read More

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Refuge of the American Spirit Visitor Center Interpretive Film The words of our nation’s “Conservationist President” are woven together with scenes of his beloved North Dakota badlands, a place “so fantastically broken in form and so bizarre in color as to seem hardly properly to belong to this earth.” We shot across the four seasons, retraced … Read More

Shiloh National Military Park

Corinth Crossroads Visitor Center Interpretive Film The siege and occupation of Corinth, MS was fraught with desperate fighting, disease, and starvation.  The words of soldiers, citizens, and African American “contraband” bring to life their experiences. We worked with historic homes, a local costume shop, and regional reenactors to provide an authenticity and connection to the … Read More

Adams National Historical Park

Enduring Legacy Visitor Center Interpretive Film A young John Adams cuts reeds in a salt marsh.  John Quincy plants peach stones in his wife’s glass bowls to see their roots grow.  In his family’s Stone Library, Charles Francis edits the letters of his grandparents.  These glimpses into the life of the Adams Family are told … Read More