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Jean Lafitte
National Historical Park
and Preserve

National Park Service

“This land holds memories. A president and a nation
would be shaped by what took place here."

The Battle of New Orleans

hen Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, it wiped out the existing visitor center at Chalmette Battlefield, part of the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. As part of the restoration efforts, Argentine Productions was selected to produce the media for a new visitor center designed by Gallagher Associates. A three-screen orientation video was synchronized with a lit tabletop map to cover the strategy and troop movements in the days leading up to the pivotal Battle of New Orleans. Complex interactive digital exhibits with multiple layers of functionality were produced with our colleagues at Bluecadet Interactive. Production took place at the battlefield site, historic homes, and Barataria swamp. CGI was used to remove numerous modern intrusions at the Battlefield site, such as smokestacks, an artificial levee, and the visitor center construction site.

“The filming had its challenges due to the use of more than 50 Living History reenactors, black powder firing of weapons and artillery, and the use of several locations. They followed all safety procedures with the use of black powder guidelines. The production worked around and accommodated the public's visitation to the site and enhanced the visitor's experience”

Elizabeth Dupree
Chief of Interpretation (former)
Jean Lafitte National Historial Park and Preserve

“We can't say enough good things about the Argentine team. We're so impressed with the respectful way you all treated the house and its furnishings — you are truly "real history people.”

Susan Lloyd McClamroch
Pitot House


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