George Washington

French and Indian War 250, Inc.

“Washington tells the story of military adventures
on the Pennsylvania frontier where he narrowly escaped death,
again and again. For the future leader of our nation,
these are “moments of deliverance”...during a conflict
that changed much of the world.”

George Washington Remembers

roduced for French and Indian War 250, a consortium of historical sites and forts, George Washington Remembers uses Washington's own words from a rare autobiographical document to paint a vivid picture of the events and early adventures that shaped his life and our nation's future.

Using impressionistic reenactments, George Washington Remembers brings to life three vignettes: a crushing defeat at Fort Necessity; a disastrous expedition under the leadership of General Braddock, and a devastating friendly fire incident.

The project was shot on location in western Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands, Fort Ligonier and Meadowcroft Museum of Rural Life, with meticulous attention to historical accuracy. The film was part of a traveling exhibition that accompanied recently restored documents written by Washington's. An additional segment was created on the delicate restoration work on the document. Using archaeological information, a section of the fort was also created using hand hewn timbers as part of a ballistics experiment that was documented as an additional benefit to the project.

George Washington Remembers received a special screening at the U.S. Capitol, sponsored by members of the Senate. A bilingual version was created for the Canadian Museum of War.


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