Keeping Order:
A Ft. Orange County Record

Crailo State Historic Site

Willem said that Dirrick was a beggar.
Willem said, “Go and get a sword or rapier and strike,
if you are an honest fellow!"

Keeping Order: A Ft. Orange County Record

inner of the 2010 CINE Golden Eagle and CINE Special Jury Prize for Best Exhibit Video, Keeping Order: A Ft. Orange County Record uses a three hundred and fifty year old local court record and brings it to life with the aid of a 17th century Dutch painting. Actors matching the painting's subjects were shot against a green screen and emerged from the picture to dramatize the events depicted in the court proceedings.

The project called for one of the characters to speak with a Dutch accent. It was quite a challenge to find a local actor with a Dutch accent AND who also looked like one of the characters in the painting but we succeeded. The props had to be built to match the objects in the painting with precise attention to scale and color. For the shoot the proportions and perspective had to be exactly right in order for the effect to work properly.

The project was installed at the newly renovated Crailo State Historic Site, a museum of Colonial New Netherlands history in the Upper Hudson Valley. A monitor is surrounded by a picture frame, and when a visitor enters the room, the image comes to life.

“You did a superb job at translating our vision for this project... your professional experience and creativity proved the perfect match for the job.  You and your staff went well beyond what was expected to make this a wonderful experience throughout the process and now a wonderful experience for the visitors to Crailo, the museum of the colonial Dutch in the Hudson River Valley. It was fun to watch visitors discover the 2 ½ minute film and be so surprised by what they saw that their mouths were sometimes gaping open in amazement!...While the reaction became almost predictable after a time, I never tired of watching visitors surprise at the creativity of the film.”

Heidi Hill
Historic Site Manager
Crailo State Historic Site

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