Our team was forged in the heart of Pittsburgh - a place of hard-work, friendship, innovation, and craftsmanship. We enjoy discovering the world, exploring our national parks, pushing the limits of technology, and listening to Hardcore History podcasts. We'll never hesitate to ask questions, to listen and learn, and to engage with the stories we tell.

peter argentine

Peter Argentine
Producer, Writer, Director

  • First western journalist to interview cosmonauts from Soviet Mission Control.
  • While in college, worked with Oneida Indian Nation in 1981 to create a film about their future.
  • First job out of college was as Outreach Educator for Smithsonian Natural History Museum
  • Advises the Postmaster General as a member of the Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee.
  • Woodworker, gardener, winemaker.
  • Awarded two stars for his cap by Willie Stargell.

Per Argentine
Editor, Director, Writer

  • Passion for history and the great outdoors.
  • Member of the Heinz History Center's Italian American Collection Advisory Committee.
  • Expert in the Sagas and Norse history.
  • Award-winning cider and winemaker.
  • Eagle Scout & certified in NOLS Wilderness First Aid




erik argentine

Erik Argentine
Associate Producer, Writer

  • Loves mountain biking, soccer, and any outdoor adrenaline activities.
  • Craft cider and winemaker.
  • Passion for film and video games, and the technology that drives them.
  • NOLS Wilderness First Aid certified

Mia Boccella Hartle
Coordinating Producer, Business Development

  • Her documentary When Your Hands are Tied received "Best Native Women in Film" award and "Empowering Youth" award.
  • First HD footage of African Elephants born in captivity for her documentary Elefamilia.
  • Almost always accompanied by a large German Shepherd guide dog.
  • Loves cantering horses while riding western dressage.
  • Worked in the Art Department for Westerns shot in the wilds of  New Mexico.

Jeff Garton
Director of Photography

  • Camera Operator on Netflix series Mindhunters.
  • Short film "Lift" won twenty awards and screened in over 40 film festivals.
  • Director of Photography for Riddle (2012) with Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Harnois.
  • Building a studio scale replica of the Battlestar Galactica.
jeff hogan

Jeff Hogan
Director of Photography

  • Creates custom cameras to capture unique scenes of wildlife.
  • Emmy Nominations for Cinematography.
  • Father was a lobsterman.
  • Known as the "Beaver Guy" in natural history documentary circles.
  • Filmed wildlife sequences for BBC's Planet Earth.